The blue magic contact lenses

Fashion is quickly taking shape with new territories being explored daily. Even though some people are lucky because they are bone naturally with blue eyes making them fashionable, this shouldn’t limit your fashion. You can now enjoy total control, freedom and choice with blue contact lenses on your eyes for everyday look or when attending a special occasion.

The lenses will enable you to bring closer home the wonderful ocean color into the eye. You will simply be a walking miracle when people see the sparkle like the ocean waves being hit directly by sunlight. There is a variety of blue contact lenses where you can comfortably make your look different and still remain very natural.

If deep blue, light blue, or opaque will suit you best for your look, you can make the changes within a short time. Just like the dressing and hair styles that you can change on a daily basis provided you have enough money, you can have different tints of blue. Blue contact lenses won’t permanently change your eyes since they can be reversed by removing them. They have the ability to change the design, color and shape when you put them on.
What was mostly used by iconic actress and actors from Hollywood is now commonly used in different streets to make people look different. You must have a clear understanding of the prescription for the lenses before you can settle on the best. Using the contact lenses doesn’t necessarily mean vision impairment but can work perfectly for all the condition.

The contact lenses once fitted on you it can be difficult to share your lenses with anyone else. Put all the necessary measures in place that will make sure the lenses are always clean. Have your contact lenses removed before you go to bed and keep them safe. In order to enjoy the lenses during the day, remember to sanitize and clean them during the night when they are out your eyes.

Coloured Contact Lenses: Which One Is the Best?

Coloured contact lenses are designed to change the eye colour of the user and enhance the look with a crazy design. You will find coloured contact lenses in both prescription and plano forms. When prescription lenses correct some vision issues like hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism while changing your eye colour completely, the plano coloured lenses are normally used for cosmetic purpose. These lenses do not correct your vision issues. They only change your eye color.

Coloured contact lenses are more expensive than regular contacts. Also, these are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Therefore, you can expect a huge difference in the price.

Types of Coloured Contacts

Some lenses are designed to mimic the natural color of your eye. This type is known as the iris. These contacts come with the tiny colored dots and arranged coloured lines and shapes to offer a more natural look. Coloured contacts come in three types of tints. These are visibility tint, opaque tint, and enhancement tint.

The visible tents do not affect the natural eye colour. The enhancement tint is a bit darker than visible tint. The enhancement tint is designed to enhance your eye colour. It can be best for all those with light-colored eyes. It will make your eyes more vibrant. Opaque is a non-transparent tint that can completely change your eye color. Opaque tint can be perfect for dark eyes. Also, colour contacts with opaque tints are available in a wide variety of colors including gray, brown, amethyst, violet, blue, green, and hazel.

How to Choose the Best Coloured Contacts

It will mostly depend on the types of look you want. For light eyes, enhancement contacts will be the best choice. If you have dark eyes, you can consider opaque contacts. To stand out in a crowd, you can choose vivid colours such as violet, green, and blue.